Angel Haze

Angel lives with her two amazing, half-gremlin children in a small Canadian town far from the borders of Middle Earth. She is deadly with a throwing ax, has an arsenal of dwarven jokes, and a legion of signed books she obsessively hoards with Gollum-like tenacity. She loves escaping to different fantasy worlds and finding new fantasy gems from the wonderfully amazing readers of the Indie Fantasy Addicts Facebook group. There she drinks with assassins, mages, and dwarves in shady taverns and revels in their crazy, amazing journeys to far off lands. She lives for adventure, whether it’s losing herself to phenomenal fantasy books, zip lining across jungles, snorkeling in underwater caverns, pole dancing, or traveling the world. She believes that life should be lived to the fullest and encourages others to follow their dreams and passions so they can see just what they are capable of.

Unleash the Adventure . . .

Delve into the world of Angel Haze with free short stories, exclusive monthly contests, sneak peeks, fantastic prizes and more!

On a more personal note, I love losing myself to a good fantasy book—epic, dark, sword and sorcery, litRPG, you name it—and then sharing it . . . because when I find a gem, the world needs to know! My favorite authors include Sarah J. Maas, Patrick Rothfuss, Richard A. Knaak, Brandon Sanderson, Andy Peloquin, JA Andrews, D.W. Hawkins, Eric T. Knight, Will Wight, Andrew Rowe, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Jordan Rivet . . . I could go on . . . I’ve binged so many! My books are inspired by these fantastical worlds and people, places and events throughout history.

Life should be about adventure—whether it’s escaping to the fantasy world of books, simple everyday adventures, learning to pole dance, traveling to exotic places, ziplining across the tropical jungle, or getting down and dirty at extreme obstacle courses like Tough Mudder. Adventure is based more on your mindset than the things you do.

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