Angel has been plotting murders since she was fourteen. Her stories began with wild beasts, then serial killers, and later, Angel dove into the world of fantasy, writing battles of the ancient past and legends of bygone days. She has a twisted fascination exploring the minds and motivations of infamous serial killers and conquerors—from Ted Bundy to Genghis Khan.

Although she went through school for policing, the only killers, dead bodies, and bestial warriors she knows are the ones that haunt her books.

Angel writes epic fantasy novels that are fast-paced and full of action and suspense, but now she has a team . . .




Over the last few years, she has been plotting with a number of writers whose passion is to bring you the most suspensive stories and villainous characters. 

Her team now forms what is called the Indie Fantasy Addicts group. Together they have formed a coalition; one that brings you the best fantasy writing, the most suspensive stories and legends that not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but also ignite your inner strength.  

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Delve into the world of Angel Haze with free short stories, exclusive monthly contests, sneak peeks, fantastic prizes and more!

On a more personal note, I love losing myself to a good fantasy book—epic, dark, sword and sorcery, litRPG, you name it—and then sharing it . . . because when I find a gem, the world needs to know! My favorite authors include Sarah J. Maas, Patrick Rothfuss, Richard A. Knaak, Brandon Sanderson, Andy Peloquin, JA Andrews, D.W. Hawkins, Eric T. Knight, Will Wight, Andrew Rowe, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Jordan Rivet . . . I could go on . . . I’ve binged so many! Our books are inspired by these fantastical worlds, videogames, and people, places and events throughout history.

Life should be about adventure—whether it’s escaping to the fantasy world of books, simple everyday adventures, learning to pole dance, traveling to exotic places, ziplining across the tropical jungle, or getting down and dirty at extreme obstacle courses like Tough Mudder. Adventure is based more on your mindset than the things you do.

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