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Love Fantasy and Dark Thrillers?

“Buckle your seatbelts. You are about to go for a ride…” Bestselling author Cambria Hebert about War of the Witch

Angel Haze

Angel has been plotting murders since she was fourteen. It started with wild beasts, then serial killers, and later branched into other fantasy worlds and battles of the ancient past. She has a twisted fascination delving into the minds and motivations of infamous serial killers and conquerors—from Ted Bundy to Genghis Khan.

Although she went through school for policing, the only killers, dead bodies, and bestial warriors she knows are the ones that haunt her books.

She writes young adult fantasy and thriller novels that are fast-paced and full of action and suspense, but now she has an accomplice . . .

A thousand years ago when battles were fought with honor, strategy, and bravery, her husband Slade would have been a daring adventurer, armed with a set of twin hook swords made famous by the Shaolin monks. There would be one on each hip and a Mongolian composite bow on his back as he walked the path of a Ronin warrior. Instead, Angel has enlisted him to help her conquer the land of books as her strategist.

Escape to a fantasy world of magic and adventure, war and tragedy, because the greatest adventures come from within.
Unleash the Adventure...

Praise for Angel Haze and Slade Sewell
YA Fantasy:

“Writing Fantasy is not for the faint of heart. As a first time Fantasy writer, Angel Haze is a strong new voice and a refreshing addition to the genre!” Tammy about War of the Witch
“The whole thing was like LOTR revisited, only with more quirkiness, mystic characters, charming young warriors and twisted storyline.” Vanessa Eric about War of the Witch


“If you like chills running down your spine, well lock your windows and doors before sitting down to read this one, because it's gonna scare the hell out of ya!!!” Natalie Hillier, Reviewer from Books From the Purple Jelly Bean Chair, about Bloodletter
“It’s been said there are things worse than death, and meeting Haze’s Reaper is a prime example.” Nora Weston, Author of The Twelfth Paladin, about Bloodletter

Note: Books no longer available. New editions to be released in 2017.




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